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Toddlerhood is a wild ride! From the ages of 1 to 3 years old, they are learning so much and so quickly! At 1, they are learning to walk, moving towards more solid foods, and expanding their vocabulary. Around 2 years old, they are walking, running, jumping, climbing, bursting at the seams with a new found sense of independence and curiosity! By 3, they are learning to share, are more interested in socializing rather than parallel play, they are beginning to be able to follow directions, and are experiencing all of those big emotions for the first time! We have compiled some of our favorite resources to help through the many changes coming your way from transitioning to solids to potty training!

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Feeding Toddlers

Getting your toddlers to eat anything, let alone a nutritional and well balanced meal can be a challenge! Here are some online resources for tips & tricks, inspiration for meals, and fun ways to encourage your children to be involved in the kitchen and get excited about food!

Yummy Toddler Food

Feeding Littles

Mama Knows Nutrition 

Kids Eat in Color

Because I Said So 

Allergy Mumma and Bubba- kids with allergies


My Munch Bug

Dr Yum Project

Potty Training

A major milestone in any child's life and what feels like the key to unlocking the next level of parenting for parents and caregivers! So of course this task is not going to be simple or easy, here are some resources to help you find the method of potty training that will work for you and your child.

Potty Training Books

Potty Training Blogs & Podcasts


Developmental Milestones

This section has several online resources to help track your child's developmental milestones and get guidance on how to help your learn through activities, as well as, where to get them screened for these milestones and professionals if you find they are not meeting these milestones in a timely manner.

Free Developmental Milestone Screening Services - Developmental Preschool and Day Care Center offers FREE screening services

Harvard Center for Developing Children - Activities to help your child discover and learn through each milestone

Milestone Tracking App - The CDC offers a free app to learn about and track your child's developmental milestones. Download for Android or Apple HERE

Screen For Success - Get free tools to track your child's developmental milestones, locate screening sites in our state, and find resources to help if you think your child is developmentally delayed.

More Developmental Milestone Resources


Find Childcare

The WY Department of Family Services offers childcare subsidies, a database of all licensed childcare facilities in the state, and statistics about childcare facilities in your community.


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