Visit UW Women’s Club

A group for women in Laramie to enjoy different activities together and socialize. We have a book group, movie group, social club, bunko and more. We also put on the Holiday Home Tour and raise money for scholarships for non traditional women at UW. ​

Visit Mom Club

A mom led group for Laramie moms to have a place to chat, offer suggestions, vent or do whatever they need to. We have book clubs, play dates, outings, mom’s night out, and more! No pressure! And remember, if no one has told you today, you’re doing an amazing job!


Visit Mothers of Preschoolers

At MOPS we believe we mother better together, so all moms are welcome! Join us from the time you get pregnant through having school aged children. At meetings, you can expect breakfast, coffee, childcare, practical presentations, and authentic community.

Buy, Sell and Trade Sites


This is the dream of several practitioners, who collaborated to create a center for the healing arts. This space encourages individuals to come together to experience healing in a variety of ways, with different modalities. The Collective also doubles as a community event space. The welcoming and beautiful venue downtown offers multiple ways to fill your energetic cup, through healing work and creating a beautiful backdrop when connecting with your community.
Laradise Dads Discord is an online space for local dads to connect and schedule hangouts!

The Nest Indoor Play Space also offers events for dads and their kids to have some time to play!
Fit-for-2 is about support, acceptance and maintaining our physical and mental health as Moms. This fitness class is FREE for Moms who are experiencing pregnancy and have undergone pregnancy and/or delivery. This class is brought to you by Ivinson Medical Group and Laramie Physicians for Women and Children. ​


Step into a positive and nurturing environment, reserved specifically for pregnant women. Learn a variety of exercises to help you strengthen and increase endurance in muscles needed for childbirth. Work with modified poses that you can take to other yoga classes to adapt your practice to your evolving body and mind. Relax, breathe and improve sleeping patterns. Connect with your baby & other mommas-to-be.
The Collective and Seek Yoga Studio are teaming up to offer a coordinated practice for you and your child/children!
You will drop your child off at The Collective for their own kid-centered (ages 6-11), play-based yoga practice and then walk across the street to Seek for a grounding, relaxing practice just for you! Both practices will share a cohesive theme and similar poses to allow for connection and conversation between you and your child/children.

Local Facebook Pages to meet other parents and caregivers, and learn about events!

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